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We have known what it’s like to scrape the bottom of the barrel – many times!

Like a lot of others, we’ve laid awake many a night worrying about how to make ends meet for our families or how we can get more money to pay for an overdue bill or an “urgent” need…

Often, because of our lack of knowledge, our decisions made us worse off than before.

We’d been plagued by money stress that caused frustration, lack of control, marriage breakdowns, to losing everything and having to start over – not fun!!!

But – that all changed a few years back when we were introduced to a Spending Plan – and the result?

Our knowledge of the Spending Plan framework helped us go from having ‘financial cancer’ with living pay to pay to now being in control of our finances and living without financial stress or debt. We even use it for our small business.

Frustrated by seeing people struggle with their personal finances, in 2016 we became certified with the Sending Planner Institute in Australia and we are excited to be able to help you experience the same freedom we now enjoy!

“We cannot change your financial situation – only you can make that change. But, being the first Certified Spending Planners in NZ, we will guide you with the system that has already helped over 30,000 people say goodbye to their money stress forever!”

Talk soon, M&V