Money Stress – what exactly is that?

Freedom from Money Stress – what exactly is that?


Imagine never having to worry about paying a bill again…

And not because of a windfall. But because you were simply far enough ahead that the money to pay your bill arrived before the bill itself.

Would you sleep better knowing that you could simply pull the money ‘out of the box’ when it was needed?

Unfortunately, too many people find themselves in the opposite situation. They have a pile of bills and are waiting for more money to arrive.

It’s like you bring money in, but the relief quickly fades, since that money is already spoken for by your waiting bills.

You pay off due or overdue bills and before you know it, you’re waiting again for the next payday. And those days of waiting can be exhausting, you feel a bit too close to the edge, where one unexpected expense can throw you completely off course!


This is what is called the ‘payday-to-payday’ cycle.

When your income barely covers your expenses and you’re trying to juggle the expenses, you’re stuck! And it doesn’t matter how much money you make, whether that is $1,000 or $10,000 a month.

You can get stuck in the payday-to-payday cycle regardless of your income.

The really good news is that you can start implementing the solution to this problem today: How?


Use a Spending Plan!

By implementing a Spending Plan for your 6 types of expenses, you can sleep better at night. (FACT: One Spending Plan client slept the whole night through for the first time in two years after setting up her Spending Plan – such is the power of it to give you peace like you deserve)

Walking alongside, training and supporting you, together, we’ll develop your own Spending Plan for YOUR OWN GOALS!

You’ll feel more secure and your life becomes more predictable.

You’ll know ‘how’ you’re going to pay your next bill or afford the next lot of school fees. And the next year, and the next year.

Also, by showing you how to plug the leaks in your spending that everyone has, you’ll have extra to prioritise for the unexpected. If you want to see how two people using the same budget can have such drastically different results read here – Budgeting Fail – How Can People Who Follow Their Budget End In Debt?

Not only does a Spending Plan remove your money stress – it does so much more. And you can find out about our 12 month, 100% money back guarantee – so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Take the opportunity now and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and begin enjoying life. In only 5 minutes a week without budgeting and knowing that YOU are in control with your own Spending Plan.

Call us now on 027 773 6361 or book an appointment to discuss how a Spending Plan can get rid of your money stress today! 

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      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for requesting information.
      As far as costs go, we’re only about 1/3 of what a Financial Planner would cost to get the tools, education and 6 months of accountability and coaching to ensure you succeed along with it.

      For more info on the process (if you haven’t seen it already) you could go to – or you could go to our scheduling page and book a 15 minute “Let’s Have a Chat” complimentary call at at a time that suits you.

      Thanks again – look forward to hearing from you soon,
      Mark & Veronica

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