I’m struggling with money – do I need budgeting help?

Seriously? Do I really need to do budgeting?

Have you tried budgeting to pay every bill, while still having enough money to spend on the things you need – only to find you have less money for food or that unexpected expense?

Do you struggle to find where your money has gone and have no idea why you cannot meet your costs?

Are you going around in circles as though there is no getting ahead, but just surviving?

What will happen if you keep doing what you’ve been doing? What will happen if you don’t change this? If you don’t do anything – it’s only going to get worse

And here’s why…

Repeating the same process will not produce a different outcome.

When you look at what you have been doing in the past year, ask yourself this – has this made my life financially easier?

Without changing the process, things will never change. You will be forever struggling, doing the same thing over and over, hoping something will change.

If you continue on this road, what do you think is going to happen?

Those bills will continue to come around and you will continue trying to juggle your pay and try to figure out how to pay for everything…

Will you rob Peter to pay Paul? You may even choose to run from it, thinking it’s too difficult to look at…

Ignorance is bliss – until creditors come calling.

Maybe you will get a lucky break?

They say 3 % of people will succeed in any given endeavour. That means 97% of them will have misjudged the scenario. That’s because they followed the same processes for achieving and they relied on what they thought would be right and applied those processes.

It’s the same for budgeting. Most people cannot sustain budgeting for any length of time. But hey, it’s not your fault if failing with budgeting is your experience – you just weren’t taught. You haven’t had someone to help guide you through and bring accountability as a Spending Planner coach would do.

A budget focuses on the past, which is why you don’t need budgeting help. A Spending Plan looks forwards much like a GPS that shows the way ahead.

So imagine this…

If you never had to do budgeting and still receive your income and not have to worry about what bills you need to take care of.

Imagine the confidence and security you will feel when your bills can all be taken care of. Imagine the freedom you have knowing that you are finally able to take responsibility for your own future.

  • If the only thing you got from a Spending Plan was to face the reality of your financial situation as it stands – it’d be worth it.
  • If the only thing you learnt from a Spending Plan was to be able to see your financial leaks and prevent your hard-earned money going places you didn’t realise – it’d be worth it.
  • Or if the only thing you got from a Spending Plan from Spending Planners NZ was to be able to be more in control of your financial future – it’d be worth it.

Not only does a Spending Plan do these things – it does so much more – and with a 12 month, 100% money back guarantee!

Take the opportunity now and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and begin enjoying life, without budgeting and knowing YOU are in control with a Spending Plan.

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